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Digital transformation—no longer an inward tactic used to reform an organization’s operations—is now a necessary undertaking sought out by CIOs and IT leaders. Recent developments have pushed organizations to embrace digitalization, causing the Fourth Industrial Revolution and technologies such as artificial intelligence to go mainstream.

Even though, only 53% of AI projects make it from prototype into production, companies can’t ignore the benefits of successful AI implementation. Enhanced AI solutions such as the artificial intelligence of things (AIoT), conversational AI and machine learning (ML) are improving the future of digital transformation, and offer more innovative ways than ever before to address business challenges.

AI: an end-to-end platform scaling your digital transformation

Today’s AI solutions can be customized to address a company’s unique set of challenges. But are these capabilities being used to their full advantage? To adopt AI at scale, organizations should consider implementing these five AI-powered tech trends shaping the future of digital transformation: is more about the article