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PatentMaker: an AI-based solution for improved patent attorney's work and workflow efficiency.

In the past few years, most patent law firms have started using electronic organisers and various software tools in an attempt to make their work easier. However, more often than not, the workflows have not changed — attorneys still manually edit documents and the overall efficiency, e.g. amount of time needed to prepare a single office action response, has barely changed.

Powered by AI technology, PatentMaker solutions help you simplify time-consuming tasks, shorten the workflows, and improve your efficiency. Beyond efficiency, digital workflows delivered by PatentMaker are highly reliable, and our tools can easily detect common mistakes in patent documents. Our solutions make both attorney’s work and secretarial work faster and easier.

routine automation

PatentMaker Digital Assistant

By automating routine tasks, we help patent attorneys and law firms be more productive and efficient. Numerous time-saving functions are just a click away.

Integrated into Microsoft Word

Loads PDF documents from the registers

Detects formal errors in claims

Inserts references

Prepares reply letters and descriptions

and much more


PatentMaker Legal Workflow Automation

Efficiency you can
count on and you need

Patent law firms face significant challenges — rising personnel costs, a shortage of skilled paralegals, and pressure from price-sensitive clients. PatentMaker is a reliable and efficient legal assistant, always on hand to help within seconds. Introducing PatentMaker Legal Workflow Automation — the solution that takes the pressure off your team and puts efficiency and reliability back at the forefront.

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Streamline your daily work as a patent attorney with just a few clicks! Our innovative software simplifies the process by automatically filling in formalities with a single click. Quickly and easily add reference signs to your claims with just another click, and even merge claims with the appropriate independent claim at the touch of a button. Our colour-coded display of definite and indefinite articles makes it easy to identify antecedence errors, saving you valuable time in checking applications drafts, as well as reducing the risk of mistakes. These are just a few of the many features that make PatentMaker the ultimate solution for busy patent attorneys. Let us show you how we can revolutionise the way you work.

We are currently working on our video clips and will make them available online soon. Please feel free to contact us, if you would like to have a real time demo from us. Thank you!

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PatentMaker is used not only by patent attorneys and paralegals working in some of the most renowned patent law firms in Germany and Europe but also by in-house counsels of various enterprises in Europe.


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