PatentMaker – AI tool for patent prosecution and paent drafting

AI Tool for Efficient Patent Prosecution, Patent Drafting & more

Developed by patent attorneys for patent attorneys
and patent professionals. 

PatentMaker, Intelligent Solution for Your Practice

It is all About Efficiency, Accuracy and Security

Productive, Efficient , Time-saving and Reliable


PatentMaker’s AI-based functions either run locally on your machine or via an encrypted connection with LLM providers.

Tailored to Your Practice

PatentMaker can be adapted to seamlessly integrate with your firm’s file management/docketing system.

Easy to Use

PatentMaker’s Word Add-in seamlessly integrates into your workflow

Why PatentMaker

The idea for PatentMaker was conceived by Dr. Matthias Hofmann, then an associate and now an equity partner at the renowned patent law firm Boehmert & Boehmert, who sought technical solutions to improve his and the firm’s workflow. Nowadays, with PatentMaker, you have:

Benefits for You

Trusted by Our Users

PatentMaker is used not only by patent professionals at some of the most renowned patent law firms in Germany and Europe but also by in-house counsels at various enterprises, regardless of their size or location, including those in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Our enthusiastic users contribute to the further development of PatentMaker with their ideas, wishes, and valuable feedback.


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