PatentMaker Digital Assistant

Productive, efficient, time-saving and reliable

By automating routine tasks we help patent attorneys and law firms be more productive and avoid errors


Key Features at a Glance

Generate Response and Attorney Letters

PatentMaker offers templates that correspond to the current state of the proceedings. With one click, for example, a response is created in which the formalities are already filled in.

Show relevant information in parallel foreign cases

PatentMaker automatically detects parallel US proceedings and downloads the relevant substantive file history. Prior art cited in US proceedings is recognized and PatentMaker indicates matches with citations in EP proceedings

Visual work with claims

The PatentMaker Word addin creates an interactive diagram of the claims With a click of the right mouse button, a claim can be merged with the appropriate independent claim. PatentMaker can also colorize terms with definite / indefinite articles, helping to identify antecedence errors.

Automatic reference signs

PatentMaker recognizes reference signs automatically and adds them to the claims.

Inserting abstracts

PatentMaker recognizes which publications the examiners have cite and automatically adds them in the description, creating replacement pages (3, 3a, ...).

Always up to date

PatentMaker obtains daily updated information (status of proceedings, all relevant documents) directly online from the offices.

Direct integration and much more…

PatentMaker integrates into your working environment with MS Word and PDF-XChange and uses AI to automatically edit documents.


PatentMaker Digital Assistant

integrates seamlessly with your law firm’s IP management software

Overall integration

PatentMaker Intelligent Solutions

PatentMaker Word add-in

Automated drafting of patent applications: PatentMaker can create a template patent specification based on claims provided by the user.

PatentMaker Digital Assistant

With PatentMaker Digital Assistant, patent attorneys and their aides can enjoy a wide range of benefits that will make their work easier and faster, help them avoid mistakes, and, of course, much more.

PatentMaker Task Management

PatentMaker provides collaboration tools that allow multiple team members to quickly exchange documents within your organisation.

Teams with PatentMaker

PatentMaker integrates with Microsoft Teams. View your template letters, get an overview of your client’s cases — all from within Microsoft Teams with the PatentMaker app.