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PatentMaker AI Assistant

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Ever-increasing personal cost, insufficient paralegals and skilled legal assistant, understaffing due to sick leaves, all these challenge the setting of functional team and put pressure on the completion of the daily routine work. But what if you have a Hugh group of legal assistances, with whom you don’t need to host regular personal talk about salary increases and demand for more holidays, who won’t be absent just because of Corona and among them you don’t need to worry that the chemistry of them doesn’t work in the same office, and above all, they are highly reliable and work incredibly sufficient.

Imagining you received an official action from EPO, instead of going through the classical complicated proceedings in your firm, your digital legal assistant has already noted all the deadlines, informed you the incoming notices, and even more, it has already prepared Rafts to reply, either to the client or to the patent office, all you need to do is just review the draft and send it out after checking. And the report as well as the invoice vending the task are also generated. All you need to do, is clicking a few buttons.

PatentMaker Legal Workflow automation makes complicated processes into hand-off approach. It performs the flow of tasks, documents and information across work-related activities independently in accordance with defined rules. It helps streamline repetitive and time-consuming routine work and help your team speed progress across tasks and projects and help your business save time and money, diminish errors, and boost everyday productivity.

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our process

How does it work?

With PatentMaker Legal Workflow Automation, we:

Audit your work process in your firm and identify automation opportunities.
Audit your work process in your firm and identify automation opportunities.
Audit your work process in your firm and identify automation opportunities.

Our goal

Let us do the tedious routine work so that you can save your time and money and focus on areas where you can make more revenue.


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