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Welcome to the PatentMaker Support Center!

We are here to help you in any way we can to make your experience with PatentMaker the best. Please choose the appropriate section below.

How to install PatentMaker?

The latest version of the generic installer can be downloaded from – this will download and install the application into a PatentMaker folder in their Windows profile directory (i.e. C:\Users\WINDOWSUSER\PatentMaker).

The installation of PatentMaker does not require administrator rights.

When PatentMaker is started for the first time, a few settings must be made. To do this, after starting PatentMaker, you must first open the settings via the gear icon.

How to install PatentMaker?

under General:

  • the local storage path for the respective files; best under C:\Users\*username*\ownCloud\Files\PatentMaker\Cases
  • the local archive folder (which files will be stored here after completion), C:\Users\*username*\ownCloud\Files\PatentMaker\Cases\ARCHIVE
  • the personal User-ID, which can be found in the opened file management (double click on file number) at the bottom left.
  • the name and email address of the lawyer which appear on the form letter.
  • the type of text recognition. (The paid “Nuance Power PDF Advanced” provides very good results. Alternatively, “Tesseract OCR” with “AWS Lambda” can be selected. The cloud-based recognition is usually faster).

under Templates:

  • The location that should appear on the form letter as the return address.
  • the optional use of local form letter templates, if desired.

Installation of the new PDF Reader

PatentMaker is best used together with the (free) PDF-XChange Editor, e.g. PDF-XChange Pro 8. The PDF XChange Editor offers the option to create shortcuts and to adjust the display, especially with regard to the use with a widescreen monitor.

After the PDF-XChange Editor being installed, it must then be assigned as the default tool for PDF files. To do this, right-click on a PDF file and click on the “Open with” tab to open the “Select default program” dialog.


How to update PatentMaker to the latest Version?

Surely there are still teething problems. But most problems are solved quickly. A new version is provided regularly (currently daily). If a new update is available, the button “Update” in the “Setting” is not grayed out in the settings (cogwheel symbol) at the bottom right. To install an update, click the button and wait until the installation window opens and continue (Next/OK).


If you’d like to reset your configuration for a clean install, open %APPDATA% in Windows Explorer, then browse into the PatentMaker folder and delete the PatentMakerConfig.json file.

How to report a bug or problem in PatentMaker?

If there are still problems with the current version (Please check, if there are new updates available), please send an email with the error description in English to

How to uninstall PatentMaker?

We don’t add PatentMaker to the list of installed programs in Windows, so there’s no direct uninstall option. To perform a clean install you should:

  1. Delete the main installation folder (C:\Users\WINDOWSUSER\PatentMaker).
  2. Open %APPDATA% in Windows Explorer and delete the PatentMaker folder.
  3. Delete any files inside your case folder, e.g. PatentMaker.json

You can leave the individual case folders if you’d like, to save downloading and processing all of the documents again.