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Inside the EPO’s Strategic Plan: A Roadmap for Digital Transformation
There is no need to reiterate why modernizing the digital infrastructure of law firms is essential. However, have we considered the official side, such as Patent Offices like EPO and GPTO? The ability to conduct oral proceedings with different parties from various parts of the world has proven to be valuable and necessary. What more can we expect from patent offices with their modernization efforts? Let us take a closer...
1 Feb 2023
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AI: Enhancing the Future of Digital Transformation
For the original Article, please read in  Digital transformation—no longer an inward tactic used to reform an organization’s operations—is now a necessary undertaking sought out by CIOs and IT leaders. Recent developments have pushed organizations to embrace digitalization, causing the Fourth Industrial Revolution and technologies such as artificial intelligence to go mainstream. Even though, only 53% of AI projects make it from prototype into production, companies can’t ignore the benefits...
1 Feb 2023
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Artificial intelligence is breaking patent law
The patent system assumes that inventors are human. Inventions devised by machines require their own intellectual property law and an international treaty. In 2020, a machine-learning algorithm helped researchers to develop a potent antibiotic that works against many pathogens (see ). Artificial intelligence (AI) is also being used to aid vaccine development, drug design, materials discovery, space technology and ship design. Within a few years, numerous inventions could involve AI....
1 Feb 2023
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